Super fast branded

short links

We exist to

Power your brand identity in social media

We help you create custom branded short links that are unbreakable, so that you can focus on your brand content and distribution, without worrying about broken links that share about your brand on social media.


Changeable targets

Broken link? Simply edit the short code and update where it goes to immediately fix it.

Built for speed

alpa is built from ground up with speed in mind. All the short codes are stored in RAM memory which is 30x faster than other services.

Custom codes

With alpa you can not only create links like but also links like which feel more authentic, this makes the user click them easily.

Intuitive dashboard & mobile app

alpa comes with a powerful & easy to use dashboard which also acts as a mobile app you can normally install on Android and iOS devices.

Get started now

We provide free 30 minute full product demo for our initial customers. Just book a time slot to meet on a Zoom call directly with the creator to discuss things out.